Platform to Progress

Since taking office, Madinah has worked tirelessly to fight for the legislative priorities described in her platform, and make them a reality.


As a product of both public and charter schools, education was one of Madinah’s biggest issues heading into her first session. She was excited to introduce three and pass two education bills in her first session creating more protections for both current and former students and adding more equity to our charter system. Next session, Madinah is excited to do more work to ensure that our funding system is updated to match the needs of all students.


Health care remains one of the biggest costs for working families in this district and across the state. This year the legislature was able to make huge strides forward in maternal health care, and next session Madinah is excited to do more to push for more affordable and equitable health care for all.

Criminal Justice 

Coming out of the historic 2020 protests, Madinah was excited to help pass a slate of criminal justice reforms to ensure that Black lives truly mattered in Delaware. The legislature was able to get some big wins around use of force and body cameras, but refused to pass real deep reforms to police accountability. Madinah is excited to fight for them again next session.

Working Families Plan

This year saw the passage of a huge Paid Family and Medical Leave program that Madinah is excited to see our communities use soon. In the coming session, she is excited to do more to reduce the cost of other important services like child care and health care.


Housing is unfortunately still not equitable in the 26th District. In her first session, Madinah introduced a series of bills addressing issues in manufactured housing and rental communities, and is excited to do more in the next session to make sure that people have affordable rent and strong protections from abuse.

Economic Justice

In the wake of a pandemic and rising inflation, the legislature was still able to get some wins for working people in Delaware, from an increased minimum wage to protections from discrimination. Unfortunately, a fairer tax system and equitable reassessment were left on the table, but Madinah plans to fight for them again next year.

Green New Deal for Delaware 

As the lowest-lying state in the country, Delaware has a special interest in the environment and climate change. This year, Madinah introduced a Green Amendment to ensure every Delawarean had a right to clean air, pure water, and a healthy environment. She also worked to ensure that our climate policies help the most vulnerable in the state, and is excited to continue that work next session.

Worker Power

With worker organizing on the rise across the country, Madinah was working in the state legislature to make sure that there were more opportunities for well-paying jobs with strong protections in Delaware. Next year she is excited to get bills like the Community Workforce Agreement Act over the finish line.